If you have any questions relating to tattoos or piercings please call and speak with one of our artists directly at (773)883-1800 ext. 222.

The Alley Tattoo & Piercing Studios

Not only does is The Alley the predominant destination for all of your clothing and accessory needs but we also have a great tattoo and piercing studio on site too. Our great artists are available to do custom tattoos and piercings during normal business hours.

Meet Our Tattoo & Piercing Artists


World Famous Nexer Tattoos

World Famous Nexer

About the artist:

I've been tattooing in Chicago for the past eleven years. I've been an artist for my entire life and I see tattooing as another tool for releasing my art into the world. I have no particular style that I like more than another and I try to stay well rounded in them all. I enjoy doing custom work and when given the change I prefer to draw a tattoo's design on the person rather than using a stencil to create a more original feel to the piece. I have spent a long period of my life as a muralist and painter. Now people are my walking walls of art and given the chance I will fill up the world with my art one person at a time. I thank and praise the people around me for pushing me to another level!


Paul Schissler Tattoos

Paul Schissler

About the artist:

Paul Schissler was created in a lab in Ohio in 1982 using the raddest genes available at the time. After the petri dish was struck by lightning, he quickly grew into the bear wrestling tattoo artist that exists today. Paul murdered his way to a degree in graphic design in Ohio, and trampled through a year-long tattoo apprenticeship. Three years later, he enjoys black and grey work, as well as color tattoos. Come get tattooed or die ugly.








About the artist:
My name is Art. My cat's name is louis and he's very old. I very much enjoy making people sparkle and decorated, but i'm not a fan of hurting them. Kinda should have thought that through before i chose this profession i'm thinking. I like indian food, my favorite color is light tan, I love serving the lord and tropical fish. I enjoy a starry night and long walks into traffic. My piercing skills, I'm told, have been fair to passable for ohhh, I dunno... 20 years I guess. The close to 10,000 piercing and procedures I did while working at the Alley's sister store, Marché Noir may be a passable credential for happiness.


3228 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60657 United States (773)883-1800

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