Not only is The Alley the predominant destination for all of your clothing and accessory needs but we also have a great tattoo and piercing studio on site too. Our great artists are available to do custom tattoos and piercings during normal business hours.

Call the store @ 773 883 1800, or email to schedule your Tattoo session.

World Famous Nexer


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#lefthandedpowerglove done by @milestattoos ......thanks homie!!!

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About the artist:

I've been tattooing in Chicago for the past twelve years. I've been an artist for my entire life and I see tattooing as another tool for releasing my art into the world. I have no particular style that I like more than another and I try to stay well rounded in them all. I enjoy doing custom work and when given the change I prefer to draw a tattoo's design on the person rather than using a stencil to create a more original feel to the piece. I have spent a long period of my life as a muralist and painter. Now people are my walking walls of art and given the chance I will fill up the world with my art one person at a time. I thank and praise the people around me for pushing me to another level!


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Piercing fee is $35. Products start at about $30 each.


About the artist:
My name is Art. My cat's name is louis and he's very old. I very much enjoy making people sparkle and decorated, but i'm not a fan of hurting them. Kinda should have thought that through before i chose this profession i'm thinking. I like indian food, my favorite color is light tan, I love serving the lord and tropical fish. I enjoy a starry night and long walks into traffic. My piercing skills, I'm told, have been fair to passable for ohhh, I dunno... 20 years I guess. The close to 10,000 piercing and procedures I did while working at the Alley's sister store, Marché Noir may be a passable credential for happiness.
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