Manic Panic Flash Lightning Complete Bleach Kit

by Manic Panic

Price $9.95

Plastic Gloves
1.34 oz (38 grams) Dust Free Bleach Powder - 30 VOLUME
4.0 fl. oz. (118ml) Creme Developer
Mixing Tub
Tint Brush
Plastic Cap

In the shiny black box with silver stars, the FLASH LIGHTNING kit you know and love so well. This advanced formula uses a lovely cream developer . You get more bang for your buck!

MANIC PANIC® FLASH LIGHTNING® Complete Bleach Kits were created not only to be the perfect complement to MANIC PANIC® Semi-Permanent Hair Colors, but also to give you a high quality hair lightening kit that will make you "Platinum Blonde like Blondie" and "as white as Andy".

FLASHLIGHTNING® is strong stuff, with 30 and 40 volume developer, guaranteeing dramatic results.

To obtain the most intense colors from our MANIC PANIC® Semi-Permanent hair dyes it is suggested to first lighten your hair with FLASHLIGHTNING® Complete Bleach Kits.

About Manic Panic

Tish & Snooky’s MANIC PANIC NYC was born on 7/7/77.
Few of the people including Tish & Snooky who ignited the late 70’s PUNK scene would have ever dreamt of it's acceptance by the mainstream and MANIC PANIC‘s evolution
as the internationally renowned hair color and cosmetics company it is today.

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