• The Alley Cafe Grand Opening!

    Posted by Alexis Thomas

    The Alley Cafe Press Release

    For Immediate Release Contact: Mark Thomas

    Phone: (773) 368-9700

    Email: mark@thealley.com

    Iconic Rock N Roll Store The Alley Opens A Cafe

    Free Waffle Pops, Dark Matter Coffee, and Pizza at Grand Opening Party

    (Chicago, IL, April 21) Mark Thomas, owner of The Alley Chicago, and Michael Markellos, owner of Philly's Best, announce the grand opening of The Alley 1776 Cafe at 3221 N. Clark. From 1 PM - 4 PM The Alley 1776 Cafe will be giving away free waffle pops, pizza,  and coffee as well as raffling off leather jackets and offering a limited edition t-shirt to celebrate the day.

    The Alley 1776 Cafe features Michael Marcello's waffle pops and revolutionary pizza slices. The cafe also features salads, sandwiches, craft beers and coffee from Dark Matter Roasters. Of course, everything has a rock 'n roll edge to it; Throughout the cafe, you can find a shrine to rock n roll and vintage monster movies, down to the design of the menu.

    Michael Markello, who worked over a year cultivating the menu has taken his life work of bringing unusual foods from other places to Chicago and embedded it into the foundation of the cafe. " our menu items are inspired as a result of my travels and places I've lived. " Michael, said, " As we grow, look for new items and identities throughout the menu."

    Of course it wouldn't be The Alley without the smell of leather jackets and incenses. Along with the cafe, Mark Thomas has curated the restaurant's retail collection of leather jackets, silver jewelry,  While staying true to the roots of The Alley brand, Mark Thomas has focused the rebirth of The Alley toward the future. "The Alley customers have changed throughout the years, and it's important we continue growing and changing with them." Mark Thomas said, " At the core we are The Alley but we've changed with the times to ensure we are giving our customers the best experience ever."

    About The Alley: Since 1976 The Alley Chicago has been Chicago's source for counter-culture lifestyles. Through years of dedication and determination, it has become the Midwest's premier one stop shop for bikers, punks, goths, rockers, and all alternative lifestyles.

    Alley 1776 Grand Opening Party:

    Time: 1 PM- 4 PM

    Cost: free

    Location: 3223 N. Clark Street

    Phone: (773) 883-1800

    website: www.thealleychicago.com/pages/cafe

    email: mark@thealley.com

  • The History of the Chicago Cop Coat

    Posted by Joe Turlow
    Chicago Cop Coats were vintage store finds. Rarely did you see them worn by the son of a cop they ended up being donated to the salvation army.
    This all Changed the day of John Belushi's funeral, as a grieving Dan Aykroyd  rode in front of the Belushi funeral on his motorcycle wearing a used cop coat with a Chicago flag patch on it. That was the day it became one of The Alleys classic items. Mark Thomas, Alley owner scrounged for and found dozens he sold in his store.
    Visiting London two weeks later a dealer in world famous Camden Locks offered Thomas the equivalent of $500 U.S. Dollars for one. Two days later Thomas ventured back into the shop to find out it had sold for $1000. Thomas started shipping vintage jackets to London, Paris and Rome. He gave his factory which made his motorcycle jackets a sample to make these hot jackets for the store. Even the Chicago cop Flag patches were ON FIRE; 30 years later Thomas still sells these jackets and thousands of Chicago flag Patches, Chicago Flag pins and thousands of Chicago Flag t-shirts. Most customers too young to remember or know why these products were so SUPER COOL and desirable.... A lot of The Chicago Flag craze all started here with the death of Belushi.
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  • The Alley Stores' All Monster Sale Items 75% Off! Ends 1/27

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