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Chicago Cop Coats were vintage store finds. Rarely did you see them worn by the son of a cop they ended up being donated to the salvation army.
This all Changed the day of John Belushi's funeral, as a grieving Dan Aykroyd  rode in front of the Belushi funeral on his motorcycle wearing a used cop coat with a Chicago flag patch on it. That was the day it became one of The Alleys classic items. Mark Thomas, Alley owner scrounged for and found dozens he sold in his store.
Visiting London two weeks later a dealer in world famous Camden Locks offered Thomas the equivalent of $500 U.S. Dollars for one. Two days later Thomas ventured back into the shop to find out it had sold for $1000. Thomas started shipping vintage jackets to London, Paris and Rome. He gave his factory which made his motorcycle jackets a sample to make these hot jackets for the store. Even the Chicago cop Flag patches were ON FIRE; 30 years later Thomas still sells these jackets and thousands of Chicago flag Patches, Chicago Flag pins and thousands of Chicago Flag t-shirts. Most customers too young to remember or know why these products were so SUPER COOL and desirable.... A lot of The Chicago Flag craze all started here with the death of Belushi.
  • Sep 08, 2016
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