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The Story of The Alley's Motorcycle Jacket

Marlon Brando has always been a part of The Alley's tradition. Thirty five years ago as we moved from a t-shirt and head shop to the  lifestyle store we have become today, it was a hot year for classic motorcycle jacket as worn by Marlon Brando in his movies. We never stopped featuring this jacket.

Two weeks ago my family and I attended the MAGIC show in Las Vegas  buying our fall fashion for The Alley. 
Everywhere we went there were many  versions of the classic Brando Motorcycle jacket . The Alley has never stopped selling the classic motorcycle jacket, it has become a rite of passage for the 18-25 group of young men as they found their way into fashion and good motorcycle jacket year, or bad year we still sold large volumes to our core audiences. we have now bought many new update styles of this classic jacket.

So you can spend hundreds of dollars at Mall stores or visit The Alley and see jackets starting as low as $99 or less going up to many hundreds of dollars as the jacket became more complicated and better quality leather. Today our female customers can actually find sexy  jackets cut for a women instead of wearing that boxy male cut. 

In the mean time, visit our newly revitalized " Rock and Roll Department store" featuring The Alley, Taboo-Tabou and some of the more core items from our old Architectural Revolution store (gems and mineral, aromatherapy), the Vault presents the finest supply of hand carved organic jewelry and 925 sterling jewelry and of course the top Piercing Studio in the city. Located 3228 N Clark with very easy affordable street meter parking $2 per hours.


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