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For day three of our Helloween tour of Chicago's most haunted areas we visit what what once called Camp Douglas. Camp Douglas which was located on the south side of Chicago became a place of brutal misery to the Confederate prisoners imprisoned there. Stories of rat infested over crowded conditions circulated through the southern newspapers during the Civil War. And the camp soon earned the name it would later come to be known by, The 80 Acres of Hell. It is now estimated that 6000 plus men died at Camp Douglas of scurvy, smallpox, and starvation. The camp was closed...

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The second stop in our tour of the scariest urban legends and ghost stories of Chicago is The Water Tower. This building is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city and according to some stories, a very haunted place as well. The source of this haunting dates back to October 8th, 1871, when a fire started that would change the face of Chicago forever. Whether it was Mrs. Leary's cow or the incredibly dry season that the city was currently in that started the fire is a legend all to itself, one thing is for sure, the fire...

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The first stop in our tour of the scariest urban legends and ghost stories of Chicago is Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. Located in section 8 of Bremen Township (just southeast of Chicago), lies a small, abandoned graveyard. This cemetery has seen many years since the last body was buried here, but this eerie place is still very active. In the paranormal sense, that is. Over the Years Bachelor's Grove has become known as one of Chicagoland's most haunted locations. The first claims of unusual activity peaked in the 1970s and lasted until the early 1980s, but locals are still witnessing things that they find hard to explain around...

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Are you always saying to yourself "how come boys get all the good band tees?!" I know I am! Do you see people walking around with their sweet customized band tees and you're like "how the fuck did they do that?!"  Well here's a blog on how to make a boy's band tee into a super girlie mock corset tunic top. It's easy, it takes ten minutes (for real, just ten minutes) and it looks super hot no matter what shape your body is. Last week Jessie and I were going to an 80's dance night at Neo, and she...

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I remember the days of being under 21 and trying to find a place to go dance and be with other people that shared the same subculture as me (which is longer ago than I care to admit!) . The woe! The suffering! The need to wear my new Lip Service in public!  The vinyl burning a hole in my closet! There aren't a lot of meet ups or club nights in chicago that are 18+ for the goth/ebm/deathrock/industrial/steampunk/etc scenes, sadly. However, there  is one night, called Nocturna,  hosted and DJ'd by the very talented and loverly ScaryLady Sarah. It's held at...

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