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Marché Noir White Brass Monkey Arms Choker featured on SyFy's Warehouse 13 and worn by the character Claudia.

This piece is a replica of the bones of a squirrel monkey, a small South American monkey of the genus Saimiri. These tree-dwellers have a long prehensile tail which can grip like an extra hand, a facility especially useful for new mothers who carry their young for several months after birth. Monkeys usually have single young, born with their eyes open. Color vision, acute hearing, and some form of vocalization are also characteristic of monkeys. Organ grinding and pick-pocketing, however, are traits acquired only by squirrel monkeys and a few other species who strayed into the wrong jungle.


Marché Noir White Brass Anteater Vertebrae bracelet.
Marché Noir - "an original line of sterling silver, brass and pewter jewelry, incorporating icons, artifacts, natural, supernatural and osseous forms from the far corners of the earth and beyond..."

Marché Noir's interlocking Anteater vertebrae bracelets can be worn any number of ways.
They are easily connected and disconnected, but while on the wrist, they will flex... but they will not separate.

These bracelets are sold singularly!

Made out of White Brass.