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The Alley Chicago is proud to carry a large selection of Alchemy England products. Alchemy England is the parent company of Alchemy Gothic, Alchemy Metal-Wear, UL13 Alchemy, UL17 Alchemy, Alchemy England Apparel, Alchemy Empire, Deco Gothique, The Vault, and Alchemy Studios.
The "uber-brand" that is Alchemy England features an unprecedented choice of alternative lifestyle clothing and accessories. Offering a radical range of unique collections, Alchemy England has just the right jewelry and accessories for serious individuals. 
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Alchemy metal-wear Alchemy Gothic Alchemy Empire Alchemy England Apparel
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Alchemy metal-wear features items described as "The dark age, old school, hard core accessories, shouting metal, blood and noise".  Find out more here.
Alchemy Gothic 1977 features items described as "Dark and sexy jewelry and accessories for the tragically minded". Find out more here.
Alchemy Empire features items described as "Vintage Hi-Technology, art, science and engineering to suit distinctive steampunk champs and ladies". Find out more here.
Alchemy England Apparel features items described as "Original rock style clothing and streetwear for guys and girls". Find out more here.
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