Famous Employees of The Alley

It's funny how you never know where life may take you.
We are totally proud to say that some of our old employees have moved on to become rock stars, music producers, playwrights, directors, diplomats, actors, models, tattoo artists, lawyers, doctors, and some...big players in the business, fashion and real estate world!
We've had quite a few employees go on to become quite successful, famous even..but we can't reveal all of our secrets, some of them wish to remain anonymous.

Our longtime customers may recognize some of these faces behind our counters... they've moved onto bigger and better things now.
These guys have worked their tails off to be where they are today. From eating canned green beans to ramen noodles, working minimum wage, and sleeping on couches, these guys have made a name for themselves.

They are inspirations to us all, and we are truly humbled!


Tommy Furar

DJ, bassist forJesse Malin, also in
Jonny LivesTommy USATimes Square,
and formerly of White Light Motorcade 
and Loud Lucy


Scott Carlson

(Scott is on the far right)
of the Superbees,
Death Breath and formerly of Cathedral and Repulsion



Jason Chasko

(Jason is 2nd from left)
of Suffrajett
and ex-guitarist for Liz Phair and formerly of
The Lupins



Joe Meno


fiction writer, and playwright.


Omar Bates

Co owner of Skin Abrasions Studios and Tattoo Artist


Trevor Wayne

Actor, model, and artist extraordinaire


Rodney Taylor

Tattoo Artist


Laura Petrielli

Owner, founder, and designer of Vex Clothing



Sheana Hinesley

Owner, founder, and designer of 
Malicious Designs