• Legalize NOT Decriminalize Cannabis

    Posted by Joe Turlow

    Legalize NOT Decriminalize Cannabis


    2 weeks ago, we asked our fans of FaceBook which they would prefer in Illinois, to have cannabis legalized or decriminalized. The response was overwhelmingly in favor of legalization. Let's briefly discuss the difference: 

    The main concern (held by a small amount of our followers but still should be addressed) is that "the government can tax if it's legal, but NOT if it's decriminalized." In my opinion, this is a VERY short sided way of thinking; here's why-If cannabis is decriminalized,that means it is not a jail-able offense, however it does mean that there are fines involved with being caught with whatever amount dictated by local municipalities. So, to me, Id rather pay a small tax than potentially pay a hefty fine. So in essence, the product WILL be taxed either one way or another. Period. So we need to understand that, and stop straw-manning the topic as simply another, "Oh no not more taxes," game of semantics which is used as a wedge issue in order to maintain the status quo.

    Even more importantly, decriminalizing leaves an essential element as to why many non-cannabis users actually support its legalization: organized crime, and the perpetual, facade of a "War on Drugs." According to The Economist, "decriminalization's flaw is that it does nothing to undermine the criminal monopoly on the multi-billion-dollar drugs industry."


    I do agree with the fact that pretty much anytime (in my opinion) anything the government touches turns to crap. However, my main concern with legalization is NOT taxation, or the government itself, but what PRIVATE corporations will be ALLOWED to do BY the government. IE if we suddenly have a Federal Reserve Bank of Cannabis, the entire system will be destroyed, and somehow there will be a way for the rich to get richer, and a continued redistribution of wealth using the cannabis industry as a new method to an ongoing social IN-justice issue. 

    That's my take, love to hear what your thoughts are. Drop us a line or comment to join the discussion. OR At least check out our new totally killer Legalize NOT Decriminalize Tshirt here at The Alley :)