Punk Style Leather Wristbands and Chokers. Many More Styles Available in Store! Spikes, Rivets, Chains and More Awesome Punkish Swag.

Punk Wristbands & Chokers

Black Velvet 3/4" Choker with Heart Ring: Made in USA.
Plaid with Lace Fabric Choker: 3/4" inch wide choker with collar ring. Made in USA.
Black Leather Choker with Ring and 2" Steel Spikes: Middle collar ring and incredible 2" Spikes in traditional polished steel finish. Made in USA.
Black Velvet Ring Choker - 3/4" middle steel ring detail on 3/4" inch wide black velvet choker/collar. Made in USA.
Red Velvet Spiked Choker 18": 2/4" studs. Ready for the perfect outfit! Made in USA.
Black Leather 3/4" Choker with 1/2" Round Studs:  Smooth rounded studs. Made in USA.