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Beautiful jacket…nice quality…wonderful customer service

Chain is great quality. But the lock is really cheap looking. I know it said reproduction on the page. But I wasn’t expecting it to look like a cheap piece of costume jewelry. Great for a Halloween costume. Not for actually wearing as a necklace. Disappointed.


Great communication, great service! Love the shirt:) I’ll order from you again. Thank you.

love love love. i bought just one for now and plan to purchase more soon.
if u get just one:
-its not really an every day piece since it's quite fragile.
-my wrists are too thin to risk letting it fall off
however i expect once they're stacked and connected it'll be more secure. :)

Looks amazing

The necklace looks a lot more bigger in person, I thought it would be small like the size of my pinky or something but it ended up being fairly big.

Had To!

Had bought one for my granddaughter. An absolute fave she loved! After some time, It was accidentally rendered unwearable. Had to have another one!

Chrome Finish Baphomet Stainless Steel Ring

I really really like it & it’s such good quality!!! However I didn’t get the one I originally bought. I bought the one that was fully stainless steal, but I got the ring with a gold pentagram instead of all steel. Overall I’m pretty happy just a little disappointed ❤️❤️❤️

Hope the design

Hope the design last for along time

I love the belt buckle and I think it’s really great quality, I only wish it was a bit bigger but it is a good size.


For real tho love this I've always wanted something like this. It has some weight to it, great quality material and representation is accurately detailed. square rolo chain is a fresh look 10/10

BW cut

Customer service was hands down the best called store asked about sizing then called back and owner took my call couldn't be happier with my purchase

It’s made well but the sizing is weird I hope I can get a refund but all I’ll say is make sure you measure yourself but to end on a good point the employees I’ve been talking to are really nice and the jacket is made really good


Great business that offers great products at a great price. Bought jackets many years ago that are still like new. Will continue to purchase from The Alley

The message says it all..Well made..true to size..let 'em know right out front who dey dealin' with..

Thank you. Great to do business with. Fast friendly service.

way smaller than expected

Beautiful heavy-weight leather jacket.

Another great leather jacket

I know I bought the Enforcer leather jacket in2022?, but I wanted one for fall & I went back to the Alley. And why not? I already have one leather jacket from them & I was over the moon happy with it sooo, I went with what I knew would be a good deal. Common sense if you ask me. Thank you ALLEY CATS.

Kick **** company even sent stickers with order

It’s uh tight not gonna lie

The measurements I was clueless I actually went on Instagram and bothered someone that would answer and they helped me kinda ball park my size I am a big back so I’m usually a 2xl female got a 4xl and it’s snug looks cute yeah the wrist a bit snug but zip it open problem solved. Honestly I love it so much

Awesome jacket

The jacket was exactly what I wanted, very cool looking with great detail and comfort. The price was great with no issues with delivery!! I am looking forward to checking them out next time we are in Chicago!

Great shirt. Love the alley

Let 'Em Know!!

Don't **** Around..Let 'Em Know Upfront..A Great Conversation Piece..

Lots of compliments in CA

Whether people recognize the flag or not, they all think the shirt is cool