Satanic Pentagram Belt Buckle

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Made In The USA!
Made in the USA by Mobtown Chicago.
Hand cast, heavy duty, pewter belt buckle.
Resin Color.
Fits standard 1-3/4 inch removable belt buckle belts or smaller.

Satanic Pentagram Belt Buckle

Customer Reviews

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I bought one of these on Ebay a number of years ago. Here's the thing, if you are actually buying this as a belt buckle, it sucks, the first day of wearing it, the loop tore away from the buckle, weak metal, I used a pair of pliers to put everything in place, it kinda worked. Today it tore away completely, its only worth it if you don't need it. Which is dumb, make a product that works for everyone, it shouldn't hike ther prices too much.

we will be glad to exchange this for another buckle, we have made our buckles like this for 20 years, rarely have this issue. If the buckle does not fit the belt hole right we suggest opening the hole wider, never apply a tool to the buckle

Alex Lozano

Thank you for the awesome belt buckle. I looks exactly as pictured, durable, fits nicely on my waist with my belt. It looks truly EVIL! I love it! I goes great with my attire as a metalhead. Keep up the great service and come out with more Occult/Satanic themed products. Infernal Hails! \m/

Ronald Hanneman

nice belt buckel

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