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  Ladies,We just got in large shipment of corsets, drop by and let one of our skilled ladies fit you for the most amazing New Years Eve wardrobe.  Make your New years eve a night to remember. Corsets are 20% off*  and the first 15 people get a free bottle of our Très Erotique pheromones perfume. *Must show this email to get promotion

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Are you always saying to yourself "how come boys get all the good band tees?!" I know I am! Do you see people walking around with their sweet customized band tees and you're like "how the fuck did they do that?!"  Well here's a blog on how to make a boy's band tee into a super girlie mock corset tunic top. It's easy, it takes ten minutes (for real, just ten minutes) and it looks super hot no matter what shape your body is. Last week Jessie and I were going to an 80's dance night at Neo, and she...

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I've been helping out at the Alley's sister-store, Architectural Revolution. It's a world goods/incense/silver jewelry/religions of the world store. Totally awesome stuff. Apparently, as an added authenticity with the "world" theme, there is NO FUCKING AIR CONDITIONING. Don't worry, ladies and gentlemen...being the perfect peacock I am, I never sweat. While I'm pretending that I'm riding a pygmy elephant through the market in India, however, I've been smelling some of those individuals who DO sweat. Which brings me to my point. I want a pygmy elephant. My other point was that we sell wonderful scented body oils, which are great...

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