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No matter what dark subculture you're a part of, summer has been our bane. Our dreads itch, our eyeliner runs, our boots are too hot and our vinyl gets sooooo sticky. We gaze out the window at the horrid cheery sunshine, we repeatedly check the weather channel....all the while debating how to dress the way we love and not faint from heatstroke.

Here's some tips on dressing alt in the summer. And here's a link to let you know you're not alone! http://gothsinhotweather.blogspot.com/

STICK WITH FABRICS THAT MAKE SENSE. I know you think your ass looks amazing in your vinyl pants, but gurl...get real. Pleather, vinyl, and any other unbreathable synthetic are just going to make you miserable. Stick to cotton if possible. Rip it up, get one of those 100 ways to alter a t-shirt books, do what you gotta do to make your style your own...just don't pretend you won't look a-fool dressin' like a vampire when it's 120 degrees outside. Lace always lends itself to looking romantic and alt and fashionable...and it breathes! Plus, it will show off all your awesome tattoos!

THE BOOT DILEMMA: We all love our platform kicks and our sweet, worn in Docs. It's hard to know how to how to keep the same aesthetic with a summer shoe. If you an avid platform lover like myself, I would recommend checking out wedges. They are comfortable, easy to walk in (if you're already used to platforms!) and they give you the height and look you're used to! I think it's totally possible to rock boots in the summer if you just can't say goodbye to those Docs or Grinders for a few months, but try to stick to a low style more around ankle height. They look totally cute with shorts, skirts and short dresses! Remember Garbage in the 90's? You can so rock that look!

TIGHTS TIGHTS TIGHTS! Tights are a great way to add a big style impact with not a lot of sweating involved. Go for styles that allow a lot of leg to show, like fencenets or ripped up styles. Leg Avenue and Lip Service have some great styles that we sell at the Alley and Taboo Tabou for summer looks. They layer wonderfully under shorts, skirts and dresses for a really rocker look with a touch of elegance. I just can't promise you won't get the world's weirdest tan lines!!!

CRACK OUT THE CLIPPERS! Now is the time for that undercut or mohawk you've always dreamed of! It's like built-in air conditioning!  Especially good if you have dreads! I don't know if I could survive summer with mine if I didn't have an undercut!

DYE YO HURR! Hot pink, orange, red and neon colors are so good for summer looks! It will make you feel totally summery and tropical and make a big visual impact! Stick a flower in yo' beehive and you're ready to go!!!

THE MAKEUP DILEMMA: Anyone who knows me knows that I am basically a drag queen in a woman's body. My face would surely melt off in the summer if it wasn't for eyeshadow primer and makeup sealer for my eyebrows! I recommend Medusa's Makeup or Urban Decay shadow primers, and Benefit "Shelaque" to keep drawn-on eyebrows and thick eyeliner going strong all day! Also, check out tinted chapsticks and glosses for a light look with some color. I also wear fake lashes every day, and I feel they go a long way to make you look super glam without having to wear too much other makeup. Liner and lashes, gurl! WORK IT!

I hope some of these tips helped! Remember, fancy fans and parasols are fab too!

Rock on, be yourself, and stay beautiful





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