• Lost Artists Show on Oct 12!

    Posted by Mark Thomas
    'Chicago Artists Month
    Saturday October 12th,  5pm - 10pm
    2630 W. Fletcher, Chicago, IL 60618
    (Just Southeast of Belmont/Elston/California)
    The Art Colony Studio Building is celebrating Chicago Artists Month with their monthly Art Opening on Saturday, October 12, 2013 from 5pm to 10pm.  Come see our Studio and Visiting Artists, and visit the Studio / Gallery spaces.  Free parking.
    Participating Studio Artists include: Walter Fydryck, Adam Helman, Frank Mascenic, Kirk Rohrbaugh, James Vellner
    Participating Visiting Artists include: David Bechtol, Nancy Bechtol, Brian Garay, Ken Hirte, Moira Hyatt, Michael Platt, Kat Van Horn
    Poetry Hosted by Vittorio Carli 5-7pm
    Live Music after 7pm includes:
    Gary Badik
    Come find us at our little known about location, tucked away on secluded tree lined Fletcher Street.  There are also plenty of bars and restaurants located nearby this up and coming area in the Avondale and Logan Square neighborhoods.
    (Fletcher is one Street South of Belmont and the building is located between Rockwell and Washtenaw)

    Free Admission

    Find more info at Chicago Artists Month
  • Asking Alexandria In-Store Signing at The Alley 10/2/13

    Posted by Sher D

    The Alley - Asking Alexandria In-Store

    Asking Alexandria will be doing an in-store signing at The Alley! Wednesday, October 2, from 2PM to 3PM. There will be CD's and shirts available! 

    On tour with KoRn | 10/2 at The Riv, 7PM

  • How to customize a band tee to make it girly and shit

    Posted by Jet

    Are you always saying to yourself "how come boys get all the good band tees?!" I know I am! Do you see people walking around with their sweet customized band tees and you're like "how the fuck did they do that?!"  Well here's a blog on how to make a boy's band tee into a super girlie mock corset tunic top. It's easy, it takes ten minutes (for real, just ten minutes) and it looks super hot no matter what shape your body is. Last week Jessie and I were going to an 80's dance night at Neo, and she needed a cool tee to wear...and here's how that dream became reality.

    The first step is picking out a tee. This style of customization involves cutting up the back of the shirt, so pick one with a really strong graphic on the front (or you'd just be ruining it if its on the back.) You want to get a shirt that is a lot bigger than what you'd usually wear. She picked out a men's XL for the custom shirt, but she'd wear a men's medium if she wanted it to be fitted, to give you an idea. She chose one with a large graphic on the front that we felt fully channeled the Bowie superpowers of seduction we were looking for.



    The first cut will involve getting rid of the "mens neckline" and making it off the shoulder hottness. Lay your tee out on a completely flat surface and make sure all the seams are lined up so the cut will be even. You will want to cut from shoulder to shoulder, but DO NOT CUT INTO THE STITCHING ON THE SHOULDERS. Cut in a slight "scoop". Then go ahead and gently stretch the neckline by holding each sleeve and tugging gently. This will give you a good idea of if the cut is as much as you wanted. Remember- you can cut more off, but you can't add material if you fuck it up by not being careful.


    Now flip the tee over so the back is facing up. Smooth the shirt very thoroughly to get rid of any wrinkles or bumps. Then, taking a very sharp pair of scissors (starting from about one inch below the neckline) you are going to start cutting HORIZONTAL slashes from about a centimeter from the hemline on each side (see pic below.)  Repeat slashes, spacing them about an inch and a half to two inches apart until you reach the bottom of the shirt.


    There is no need to be exact with the cuts, just eyeball it. Now that you've created all of your horizontal slashes, there is an optional step. If the shirt is much too long for you, just go ahead and cut it off to the desired length at this time. We cut off about four inches of the shirt because it was a super awkward length.


    Eyeballing where the center of all the slashes are, cut VERTICALLY in the center all the way up the back. No need to be perfect, but don't go all willy nilly either.

    This next step will require a friend or trusted confidant.Put the shirt on, and yes- you will look like an idiot.



    Now have your friend start tying the slashes together starting from the top. Make sure the top is nice and tight so the shirt will stay up on it's own, whether you wear it off of one shoulder or draped off

    of both. You can tie it tight or loose based on personal preference, or to enhance or hide what you want.

    Yay! Now you are done! You can do little bows on the ties if you want it to be girlier, or wear a contrast color tank underneath for a pop of color....or wear nothin' at all if you want to be a seductress!


  • Holy Shit, The Refused Are Not Fucking Dead

    Posted by JaE

    Last night The Refused played to a sold out show at the Congress Theater in Chicago. Some 4000 odd people had the privilege of seeing them play in Chicago for the first time in around 14 years. That's a very long time to wait for a band to roll through your home town again, but it was fucking worth the wait. They did not let us down.

    I first saw The Refused play a small show at The Fireside Bowl in Chicago in 1996. I was a Junior in high school and had made my standard trip out to the city from the suburbs to catch a show at what was my favorite venue of the time. I wasn't very familiar with the band but I was going through a very hardcore phase then and they were playing with Snapcase and that was good enough for me. The show was tons of fun from what I can remember, but weren't they all at that point of life? After the show I picked up an album and quickly became a huge fan of The Refused.

    In 1998, they released an album called The Shape of Punk to Come: A Chimerical Bombination in 12 BurstsI didn't take it out of my CD player for weeks. I patiently waited for a tour announcement in the US. I was let down. Apparently, the album didn't do very well in their homeland of Sweden and the band was having some issues staying together. They broke up. No tour for me. I thought to myself, at least I got to see them once and went on with life.

    Over the next 14 years I found myself returning to that final album often. I played it at work, I played it while jogging, I played it while trying to go to sleep (this doesn't really work...). The Shape of Punk to Come became one of my staples, one of my all time favorite albums. It would take me right back to the first time I heard it and yet stayed feeling current and now musically. You'd think that an album made in the late 90s with so much anger toward the climate of politics back then would have aged poorly. You'd be wrong.

    Okay, enough nostalgia.

    Flash forward to last night:

    They gave us the concert for TSoPtC that we never had a chance to get when it came out, and they did it so well that even my wife, who had complained on the walk up to the venue that I was taking her to "an all ages angry show", had fun.

    The Congress is not known for making bands sound good, but nothing could stop The Refused from creating a wall of sound that ran through your body and made you want to scream along. (Can I scream?!)

    The singer, Dennis Lyxzén, was on point and was able to take the songs he wrote in his youth and breathe new life into them. At moments between songs he would talk to us about why they got back together and what had stopped them from doing it for so long. They hadn't felt like this album would be relevant any more. I'm going to do a piss poor job of quoting him  here but this is approximately what he said at one point: "...As we went over the lyrics to these songs we wrote so long ago, about things we were angry with the world with, that we had basically exaggerated over, we wondered how could they be relevant. That was the late 90s and it was so long ago. We thought things were so fucked up then but we were in Sweden and it wasn't, but now, in 2012 these songs are more relevant than ever..." (Again, not a direct quote but what I could put together from memory.) Well, Dennis, as I stated above in my trip down memory lane, you are fucking right.

    The band didn't miss a (new) beat once. They played those songs like they were brand new and like this was the concert they were born to play for. All the original members of the band were there, Dennis on vocals, David Sandström on drums, Kristofer Steen on leed guitar, Jon Brännström on rhythm guitar, and Magnus Flagge on Bass (which was awesome because he had only been a recording artist for the last 2 albums and hadn't played any shows with the band for a while at the point that they broke up).

    The band Off opened for them and at a point through the show Dennis brought out their lead singer to gush over. Off is fronted by Keith Morris, who was at one point the singer for a little band called Black Flag. Dennis talked about how it was a teenage dream of his to get to sing Black Flag songs with Keith and took the opportunity to do two duets with him. It was fucking crazy. When does shit like that happen in real life? Apparently, last night.

    I would have to say that the highlight of the night for me was their first encore song, New Noise. It left me shaking. I have included a video that I shot with my phone, all shakey cam style. I can't express how good it was to see live and the video definately doesn't do it justice, but check it out and wish that you'd been there.

    Other great moments were when Dennis stacked up two PA speaker and used them as a pedestal to sing from and jump off of, and when he somehow managed to climb off the stage and out onto the mass of bodies packed up against the front of the stage. Yeah, he actually walked out on top of the crowd and used them as a perch to stand there and scream out his lyrics. I half expected him to be engulfed by the pit of moshers up front and never be seen or heard from again, but they held him up until he decided to walk back on stage. How fucking awesome is that?.

    Refused played a great set that night. They gave me and everyone else there what we had been waiting for. People like me, who had been dreaming for years of this chance, and kids who thought they had missed their chance all were able to share in this amazing experience. Thank you Refused. You have shown us that The Refused are definitely not fucking dead. Sadly, this may be the last chance I ever have to see them; as Jimmy Kimmel stated when they played his show that this tour is a "one off thing" and that they would be returning to their current projects and lives after the tour is over.

    At least we had last night.



    I have included a video of Refused playing New Noise as well as some grainy dark pictures of the show. Enjoy!


  • Nocturna, an 18+ dark subculture dance night

    Posted by Jet

    I remember the days of being under 21 and trying to find a place to go dance and be with other people that shared the same subculture as me (which is longer ago than I care to admit!) . The woe! The suffering! The need to wear my new Lip Service in public!  The vinyl burning a hole in my closet!

    There aren't a lot of meet ups or club nights in chicago that are 18+ for the goth/ebm/deathrock/industrial/steampunk/etc scenes, sadly. However, there  is one night, called Nocturna,  hosted and DJ'd by the very talented and loverly ScaryLady Sarah. It's held at the Metro or Bottom Lounge, and it's about ten bucks to get in. Sometimes it features fashion shows, belly dancing or live bands as well! It's always fun when the Glitterguts booth shows up!

    I've enjoyed  Nocturna for over about a decade now.  The mix of young and young at heart is awesome to see. The dark scene is really a family, and it's awesome to meet new people and see familiar faces. Every type of person is welcome, and the music selection is varied and enjoyable. Weather you like to dance, stand at the sides and watch, chat with friends on the balcony, try to find a sweetheart or lurk in the corner, this is the night for you. There are two bars as well, but make sure you bring your valid ID if you plan on drinkin'!

    Noctuna is held about once a month, and this month's event is coming up!!! This sat, July 7th, Nocturna is being held at the Metro. Doors open at 10pm and goes all the way til 5am! Tons of giveaways, cute vendors and more. Ten bucks to get in!

    Check out the event's facebook page here : http://www.facebook.com/events/429017713798362/

    Check out DJ ScaryLady Sarah's page here: http://www.facebook.com/scaryladysarah

    If you miss this one- never fear! Nocturna happens every month (give or take). If you need a last minute outfit or cool accessories don't forget to stop by and see me (JET!) here at the Alley. Taboo Tabou has cool clubwear too! The Metro is only about a mile down Clark from us, so we are even on the way to the event if you need something last minute :D  (open noon to 10pm saturday).

    I hope to see you craaaazy kids out and about this sat at Nocturna. I'll post pics later since lots of the Alley crew are makin' a work outing of it.

    Stay beautiful, wear eyeliner, and always, always be yourself.

    xoxoxox Jet