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Marche Noir White Brass Monkey Arms Choker featured on SyFy's Warehouse 13 and worn by the character Claudia. This piece is a replica of the bones of a squirrel monkey, a small South American monkey of the genus Saimiri. These tree-dwellers have a long prehensile tail which can grip like...
Marché Noir White Brass Anteater Vertebrae bracelet. Marché Noir - "an original line of sterling silver, brass and pewter jewelry, incorporating icons, artifacts, natural, supernatural and osseous forms from the far corners of the earth and beyond..."Marché Noir's interlocking Anteater vertebrae bracelets can be worn any number of ways.They are easily...
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Eyeball Pendant: Amazing detail. Hand wax cast from brass with silver colored plating. Easy to see why this pendant is awesome! Stainless steel chain included.