45 Record Adapter Steel Chain Necklace

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45 Record Adapter Steel Chain Necklace: Classic 45rpm record adapter charm hand made from lead free pewter right here in Chicago. Stainless steel chain.

45 Record Adapter Steel Chain Necklace

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Gary C
45 Record Adapter Steel Chain Necklaceñ

I love the actual adaptor on the necklace BUT I do not care for the extra piece that connects the chain to the record adaptor piece (see photo). It’s not appealing to me, it's unnecessary and takes away from the beauty of the adaptor. I guess I need to go to a jeweler to remove it. If I could exchange for the same necklace without that extra piece I would like to do that. Otherwise you have excellent customer service and good prices. Thank you.

Eddie Hicinbothem

Cheap piece of garbage the pendent is made like a cheap piece of crap junk
If you have one in stainless steel thats what I want this pendent went right in the garbage where it belongs I did keep the chain please help me get a nice pendent


The quality is much more than I expected for this price. Great piece of jewelry.

Damian Costilla

Finely crafted beautiful set. Looks amazing and feels great around my neck. Millennials haven’t a clue what a 45 record adapter is.

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