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Lifelong Animal Lover Selling Dead Bats, Squid in Jars as Art - Chicago. Lifelong Animal Lover Selling Dead Bats, Squid in Jars as Art Updated 2 hrs ago January 14, 2013 9:19am | By Serena Dai, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer   LAKEVIEW — Dead tarantulas in antique perfume bottles and snake skeletons enshrined in glass may sound pretty disturbing to some people. But to Art Scott, a preserved bat in a glass jar appears normal and natural — not to mention beautiful enough to display on a fireplace. "I don't get what's disgusting about it," he said. "What could be more adorable than a mouse with...

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IDOT ad shows zombies -  The Illinois Department of Transportation released a new promotional video for its "Click It Or Ticket" seatbelt program. This ad shows that seatbelts prevent against zombie attacks:

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Have you seen this video yet?! This is the promo vid for what could be The Alley Chicago's very own tv show! I know, seriously. Hopefully if enough of you out there are interested in this then it will happen. Spread the word about this show, tell your friends, your family, your coworkers. Okay, enough self promotion. GO WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!

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