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The Alley loves Halloween and, in honor of this amazingly fun holiday we wanted to share some of Chicago's scariest local ghost stories and urban legends with everyone. Chicago has some creepy and spooky skeletons hanging in the back of it's proverbial closet and we aim to open the doors to shed a little light on some famous, some infamous, and some lesser known myths from the Chicagoland area. We'd like to present to you; The Six Days of Helloween. Starting on Friday, the 26th, we will begin posting one article each day focused on one of what we think...

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Along the same vein as my drinking blog, I am once again questioning my sanity as I prepare to end a long workday by going clubbing...then opening the store again the next day. All day long I try to both rev myself up and sternly remind myself how control and moderation are qualities that the bible and people who wear sweatervests and have real jobs are always touting as good to possess. It's like the classic angel and devil on the shoulders routine...the devil screaming about dancing, doing shots and staying out til dawn, and the angel shaking his finger,...

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In the spirit of going out tonight, I have been reminding myself all day of what things in my past I need to learn from....mostly because I work all day tomorrow. While the idea of spending the night/early morning sleeping in a bathtub and puking all over myself has its own sort of charm, I think I may want to survive my shift at Taboo Tabou without being green and moaning about how bright it is outside. Here are my top five, all time, worst ever, never again, please god why drinks I will be avoiding like the plague tonight....

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