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The first stop in our tour of the scariest urban legends and ghost stories of Chicago is Bachelor's Grove Cemetery.

Located in section 8 of Bremen Township (just southeast of Chicago), lies a small, abandoned graveyard. This cemetery has seen many years since the last body was buried here, but this eerie place is still very active. In the paranormal sense, that is.

Over the Years Bachelor's Grove has become known as one of Chicagoland's most haunted locations. The first claims of unusual activity peaked in the 1970s and lasted until the early 1980s, but locals are still witnessing things that they find hard to explain around the creepy horror movie set waiting to happen. People have claimed to have seen everything from floating orbs to phantom vehicles in the graveyard.

More strangely, there have been reports of a mysterious farm-house that isn't actually there. Some have even purported to witness this ghostly home float and vanish or shrink until it disappeared if they tried to approach it.

In 1984, witnesses stated that they had seen many robed figures emerging from the cemetery, as if they were coming from some ritual. In the 90s a black dog was repeated spotted at the graveyard's entrance, only to vanish if you tried to approach it.

The Ghost Research Society has done many investigations into the goings on at Bachelor's Grove. While their findings will always be contested by skeptics they have taken many photographs of unusual orbs & other lights. Researchers have also reported EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon, in the area.

Most famously, in 1991, during an investigation by the GRS a photograph was taken that had some near definitive proof of how haunted this place really is. The team was taking pictures of the cemetery with a high-speed infrared camera while no one was in the area except for them but when they developed these shots they discovered one that was frightening to say the least.  A figure of a woman was sitting on a tombstone that normally was just a small checkered cube. No one had been there when the shot was taken. There are no statues like this in the cemetery. There is only one explanation. 

Is Bachelor's Grove Cemetery haunted? Why don't you go and find out for yourself. Report back to us what you find out, that is, if you make it out with your sanity.

This has been the first day of Helloween, will you survive the rest?

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