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As you all know, I'm a huge fan of Nocturna, a once a month 18+ goth/industrial club night DJ'd by Scary Lady Sarah. It's usually held at the Metro, but sometimes it is held at the Bottom Lounge.

Sarah's page:

Nocturna's page:

The Alley does give-away bags for the raffle occasionally (once we even gave away a leather jacket!) Last year and this year we gave away magestic  giftbags stuffed with Alley goodness to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place costume contest winners at the Halloween Nocturna!!!

People came out in droves to this awesome night, and the costumes didn't disappoint! Glitterguts photobooth was there as well to capture all the amazing costumes. We took pics of the three winners with their awesome prizes, but if you'd like to check out more look here:


1st prize went to Peg and Al Bundy

2nd prize went to Pinata

3rd prize went to Lelu from Fifth Element


Congrats to the winners! Hopefully I'll see everyone out at the next  Nocturna! (friday Nov 30th at the Metro)


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