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The New Alley Opens: Look Inside The Reborn Punk Rock Shop, Cafe

by Ariel Cheung



LAKEVIEW — The Alley 1776 opened Saturday afternoon, with all the beloved punk apparel its longtime customers have been missing since the original shop closed in early 2016.

Now a coffee shop with a second-floor pop-up version of The Alley carrying its best-selling T-shirts, belt buckles, leather jackets and accessories, The Alley 1776 will be open starting at 12:30 p.m. Saturday at 3223 N. Clark St.

The soft opening festivities begin with a smattering of giveaways over the next month, including free tickets to Riot Fest.

"The last time I did this, I was 10 years younger, and I had a staff of 100 people," said longtime owner of The Alley Mark Thomas. "But I'm excited. It's everything I hoped for."


Pabloh August 11, 2017

old costumer super happy to have you back (WFK) is real the Alley is back MF’s yeah

Ben December 04, 2017

I know this is months late, but I wanted to say a few things.

Congratulations on opening at the new location. I had no idea of the plans, but WOW!

You are actually doing the city of Chicago a favor by opening up at the new brick and mortar location. Thank you!

Again, WOW! Looks great! Fabulous! I would never imagine that any brick and mortar location would be as good as the old, but you made it better. It went from infinitely perfect on Clark to infinity to the power of infinity perfect at your new location.

You all are awesome! The Alley lives on on!
Ben EIsler

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