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Things We Love This Week At The Alley


Spring has sprung, and in a few days everyone will be with their best buds on 4/20. These things, influenced us at The Alley to put together some outfits worthy of Miley Cyrus.  

1. Miley Cyrus is my budding style obsession: The girl knows how to rock any style and keeps the world guessing. Each outfit below was inspired by her brilliance and passion for rocking out and being unique. 

2. Wake and Bake Roller Derby shorts: With Roller Derby season in full throttle I can’t help but imagine the beautiful ladies of the Chicago Outfit or Windy City Roller’s rockin’ these shorts out. These shorts are made in Chicago and won’t snag as you glide toward any finishing line, whether that is on a field, at Lollapalooza, or just waking and baking. Check out our entire Pot Leaf Collection, on sale until 4/30.

    3. Mud stompin’ Doc martens: In order to be prepared for anything, one must have the most amazingly strong shoes that can stomp through Chicago’s changing weather, that pothole that will probably never will be fixed, or while waiting in line at a show. These shoes scream boss lady, style, and go perfectly well with my new favorite derby shorts.

      4. Zip up Vegan Pleather Bodycon Dress: If I’m not out in the stands cheering on the derby girls or getting ready for some show, I love to wear this Bodycon dress around Lakeview. The zipper, along with the pleats makes this dress one of the most flattering things I own. Because this is vegan it has an extra stretch to it and it is more breathable.


        6. Studded Vegan Clutch Purse: (see above picture)This purse just showed up in our store this Wednesday and all the Alley staff girls flipped out over the studs on it. While this clutch is perfect to drape over a shoulder or carry under my arm out to dinner, I can also flip it over my back as I ride my bicycle down Milwaukee Avenue. It’s versatility is its best asset and it can go with any outfit combination out there.

          7. Edie Sedgwick Sunglasses: This past week I have seen the sun more times than I have in the last six months. I knew it was time to go out and find the perfect pair of sunglasses to go with my Bodycon dress. These glasses come in black, purple, and tortoise-shell brown, and are perfect for a spring day, or a walk of shame Sunday morning.


              8. TUK Black Suede Creeper Heel: First off, TUK is probably one of my all time favorite shoe brands. The Alley has been carrying TUK forever and every year the collection gets better and stronger. I love these creeper’s because they are feminine but still have an edge to them the flat creepers have. Also, because of the platform near the toes these shoes are comfortable to wear for hours. You may even find me wearing them day after day throughout The Alley as I help customers.


                  9&10. Lace bra and panties:I can’t have a beautiful bra without matching panties :) This bra and pantie set goes perfect underneath the Zip-Up Vegan Pleather Bodycon Dress. I know I have something sexy underneath it all to keep it interesting underneath my clothes. Found in Taboo Tabou, inside The Alley.

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